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■ Custom Graphics Make the Flag Exactly for your Need

As an effective method to promote among companies and corporations, advertising banner or promotional banner are gaining the increasing popularity. F/SF/S/H Banner, one type of the advertising banners, is always used for product promotion, exhibition or trade show. Similar to the advertising flags, advertising banners can always be printed with the custom graphics to suit your specifications. Whenever you give us a draft idea for the graphic you need, we can help design and make the flag that exactly meets your need.

■ Unique Four-in-One Flag Pole System

The advertising banners comes in various shapes and sizes. Though they are different in shape, F/SF/S/H Banners can share one flag pole. The flag pole for the F/SF/S/H Banner can be used for your promotional activities in various ways, and the only thing you need to do is to change the flags. The F banner can make your flags folded all the time, while the SF/S/H banners can flutter with the wind. All these four advertising banners boast prominent height, which can make a deep impressions to the pedestrians and will help you grab the attentions of curious passersby.

■ Various Kinds of Basses for your Options

The F/SF/S/H banners come with a couple of base options. And you can choose the most suitable one from the cross base, round base, iron plate, round and square water base. No matter which type of base is used, the F/SF/S/H banners will stand firmly on the ground and fly elegantly in the wind.

If you are not sure which type of the F/SF/S/H banners will be better for the upcoming events, please contact us and we will make the custom advertising banner for you.

  • Products & Templates

  • Single & Double Sided

  • Banner Care

  • Pole and Base

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Single-sided Flags

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Double-sided Flags

Available Material

  • 110g knitted polyester
  • 100D polyester
item material 110g knitted
110g knitted polyester
item material 100d
100D polyester

The banner cannot be machine washed and dry,
and it should be hand washed with cold water and light detergent.
The wet banner should be carefully spread and air dried.

Never fold or roll-up a wet or damp flag, otherwise it will become mold and easy to worn out.
Clean your flags regularly to keep your custom made flag or custom banner look bright.

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Part No.NamePictureWeightSizeMaterial
DS510C15R Ground Sleeve 0.9g 51.2x3.2x Ø1.4cm Steel
DMT820B15R Cross Base bannerbase dmt820b15r 3.82kg 84x5x14cm Iron
DMS370C15R Cross Base bannerbase dms370c15r 3.1kg 37x Ø8cm Iron
FOM-172 Flag Pole bannerpole fom 172 0.7kg - -
FOM-173 Flag Pole bannerpole fom 173 1.2kg - -
FOM-174 Flag Pole bannerpole fom 174 1.45kg - -


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