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■ Portable A Banner Frame Makes it Convenient to Display

A banner frame, taking the shape like the character “A”, is a kind of portable display rack. A banner frame boasts simple and lightweight frame, which makes it convenient to move around. So whether it is a trade show or a sales promotion, the A banner frame is always an easy way to display. Want to have a convenient but effective display at a promotional event? Then the A banner frame can be a good choice.
  • A-Easy Display

  • A-Banner Display

PicturePart DetailsMaterialPrint Size(cm)
a frame banner2 Part No: E18A01
Weight: 7kg
Silver Coated Satin
600D Canvas
600D Polyester
600D Oxford PU Coated
250g Soft Knitted
a frame banner1 180g Elastic Polyester 205×231+(4+48)x89x2sides
a frame banner1 250g Soft Knitted 215×242+(4+48)x95x2sides
a frame banner3
Part No.MaterialPrint SizeDisplay Size
DSP-G004 250g Soft Knitted
240g Soft Knitted
600D Canvas
300D Polyester
94x240cm 240x110x86cm

■ A Banner Frame of Different Types

A banner frame includes not only the standard A banner frame, but also foldable triangle and common triangle frame, and you can choose the suitable one according to your products and preference. The biggest difference between the standard A banner frame and the foldable triangle frame lies in the frame. For the standard A banner frame, you need to combine the poles together when you set it up. While the foldable frame can be set up in a much easier way, as the frame is a whole and you can just open the frame and use it directly.

■ Lightweight but Durable for Long-term Use

As they are light and durable, they can be repeatedly used, easily set up and installed. Though A banner frame seems to have large size, it can be packed in small volume and easy to carry. Meanwhile, the fabric graphic of A banner frame is flat with good display effect and it can be easily noticed with its good shape. A banner is mainly used in outdoor advertising display, such as large football field, stadium, or the square, as well as essential elements for the exhibition auto show, new product release and other large activities etc.

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