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■ Garner Instant Attention with Fabric Popup Stand

Similar to fabric stand, fabric popup stand is often used as a display wall or background wall. No matter where you set up a fabric popup stand, inside a shopping mall, in front of your shop, or at a display trade show, you will garner instant attentions from the pedestrians. The reason that many people are easily attracted by the fabric popup stand lies in its outstanding print size and its novel design.
  • Straight Fabric Popup Stands

  • Curve Fabric Popup Stands

  • Accessories

fabric popup stands 1
Item No.MaterialPrint SizeFrameFrame SizeFrame Weight
ZX-LMF-1B(1×3) 250g Soft Knitted 145x226cm acc fabric popup stands 1 79x31x226cm 4.5kg
fabric popup stands 2
Item No.MaterialPrint SizeFrameFrame SizeFrame Weight
ZX-LMF-2B(2×3) 250g Soft Knitted 218x226cm acc fabric popup stands 2 153x31x226cm 5.45kg
fabric popup stands 3
Item No.MaterialPrint SizeFrameFrame SizeFrame Weight
ZX-LMF-3B(3×3) 250g Soft Knitted 294x226cm acc fabric popup stands 3 226x31x226cm 6.79kg
fabric popup stands 4
Item No.MaterialPrint SizeFrameFrame SizeFrame Weight
ZX-LMF-3B(4×3) 250g Soft Knitted 363x226cm acc fabric popup stands 4 300x31x226cm 8.47kg
fabric popup stands 5
Item No.MaterialPrint SizeFrameFrame SizeFrame Weight
ZX-LMF-3C(3×3) 250g Soft Knitted 279x226cm acc fabric popup stands 5 207x31x226cm 7.48kg
fabric popup stands 6
Item No.MaterialPrint SizeFrameFrame SizeFrame Weight
ZX-LMF-3C(4×3) 250g Soft Knitted 348x226cm acc fabric popup stands 6 276x31x226cm 9.2kg
acc fabric popup stands a1
Part No.NameSizeWeight
ZX-CB1 Standard Package 35x35x86cm 0.8kg
acc fabric popup stands a2
Part No.NameSizeWeight
ZX-CB2 Standard Suitcase 42x42x94cm 6kg
acc fabric popup stands a3
Part No.NameSizeWeight
TY-YS-D Deluxe Suitcase
(for one set)
38x38x94cm 7kg
acc fabric popup stands a4
Part No.NameSizeWeight
TY-YS-A Deluxe Suitcase
(for two set)
66x38x94cm 13.7kg

■ Straight and Curved Type for your Option

There are two types of fabric popup stand, straight and curved, designed to meet your specification. The straight pop up stand presents your logos and brands in a more straightforward way while the curved one can deliver your message in a stylish way. At the same time all these two types of fabric pop up stand are equipped with different packages, standard carry bag, standard suitcase and deluxe suitcase, and you can choose the most suitable one according to your needs.

■ Special Whole Frame Make it Easy to Set up and Put away

Though it has a similar outlook as the fabric stand, the fabric pop up stand boasts a quite different frame. The frame is as a whole and connected with metal tension hook, which can be set up and put away easily.

Whenever you want to find an easier way to display your brands, logos and slogans to a large extent, then the fabric pop up stand can be perfect for you. Interested in this product? Place an order now!

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