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■ A Successful Promotion needs a Good Display

A successful promotion cannot be achieved without a good display tool. Display flag is one of the unique and useful promotional products that can help you standout at any marketing activities. Whether it is an outdoor product promotion or indoor promotional activities, the display flags can help you promote the products and enliven the environment. Whether you want to win more business at a trade show or stand out from the rest at a festival, the display flags are the best to attract customers and grab attentions. Put a display flag at your next promotional activities, and you are surely to be noticed by more potential customers.

■ Various Shapes and Types for Your Options

Display flag has two prominent and eminent features, one is its eye-catching height and the other is its diversified and novel shapes. The height of the display flag can reach 5.6 m, which can help you deliver your promotional information well even in the spacious open air or at a far distance. To make your display special, we offer the display flags with various shapes, including the commonly seen blade, teardrop, rectangle, swooper and SF, and as well as the novel and innovative shape of leaf, magnum and flame.

■ An Easy and Convenient Way to Get your Brand Promoted

Though the display flag is large in size and tall in height, it is quite easy to set up and tear down. Connecting the poles, pulling on the flag and thrusting to the base are three simple but main steps to install the display flag, and the vice versa. The display flag can make your promotion easy and convenient.

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