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Unlike other popups, fabric stand, with large display size, can also be used as background wall. No matter where you set up a fabric stand, at a shopping plaza, a product launch, or an outdoor promotional activity, you will get an amazing and prominent display effect and no one can ignore the prominent fabric stand even in a crowd.
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■ Make Yourself Get Noticed Easily

Fabric stand often acts as a background wall in a trade show. Decorated with lights at the back,the fabric stand can enliven your trade show booth in a minute. Tailored with good and unique shape, the fabric stand looks novel and vivid, which can immediately become the focus in the crowd. The grand size and spacious printing space always present you an eye-catching and breath-taking image, which can be noticed easily by a passer-by.

■ Excellent to Display and Easy to Carry Away

By adopting sublimation printing, the pictures on the screen are riotously colorful. With your logos and slogans printed on it, the fabric stand can create a good promoting effect, which makes your customer resonate with your advertising in seconds.

The frames, made of aluminum, makes fabric stand feature lightweight and enables it to expand and be set up with ease. So when you promote your products, brands and slogans with the fabric stand, you don’t need to worry about setting it up, moving it around or tearing it apart.

■ Various Fabric Stands for You to Choose

We offer fabric stands of various shapes, like straight, curved and s-shaped, for you to choose to match your brands or logos. At the same time you can custom the size of the graphics and fabrics according to the place or occasion you set up the display.

  • Straight Fabric Banner

  • Curved Fabric Stand

  • U Shaped Fabric Stand

  • C Shaped Fabric Stand

item fabric stand straight
Item No.MaterialPrint SizeDisplay SizeDisplay Weight
E17U25 (Alu Feet) 260g elastic knitted 243.8×228cm (8ft)243.8×228cm 5.5kg
E17U24 (Alu Feet) 260g elastic knitted 292.2×228cm (10ft)292.2×228cm 7.5kg
E17U27 (Alu Feet) 260g elastic knitted 596×228cm (20ft)596×228cm 10.0kg
item fabric stand curved
Item TypeMaterialPrint SizeDisplay SizeDisplay Weight
Curved 8ft 260g elastic knitted 255×228cm (8ft)243.8×228cm 4.0kg
Curved 10ft 260g elastic knitted 300×228cm (10ft)300×228cm 5.5kg
Curved 20ft 260g elastic knitted 636×228cm (20ft)596×228cm 8.0kg
item fabric stand sshape
Item TypeMaterialPrint SizeDisplay SizeDisplay Weight
S Shape 8ft 260g Elastic Knitted 268.4×228cm (8ft)243.8×228cm 5.0kg
S Shape 10ft 260g Elastic Knitted 314×228cm (10ft)299.7×228cm 6.5kg
S Shape 20ft 260g Elastic Knitted 636×228cm (20ft)596×228cm 9.0kg
item u shape stand
MaterialPrint SizeDisplay SizeDisplay Weight
260g Elastic Knitted (10ft)300×228cm 300×228cm 7.3kg
item c shape stand
MaterialPrint SizeDisplay SizeDisplay Weight
260g Elastic Knitted (20ft) 600x228cm 600x228cm 10.2kg
item c shape stand 2
MaterialPrint SizeDisplay SizeDisplay Weight
260g Elastic Knitted (10ft)300×228cm 300×228cm 6kg
item c shape stand 1
MaterialPrint SizeDisplay SizeDisplay Weight
260g Elastic Knitted (20ft) 600x228cm 600x228cm 9kg


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