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Compared with the traditional roll up displays, straight fabric stands have more benefits. Its design is simple but eye-catching, and people can easily get and understand what is on promotion. The clear and crisp images on the fabric present a dynamic and lively display effect. The strong but lightweight frame allows you to use it in almost any promotional occasions.
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■ Display Your Products and Brands in an Alternative Way

The fabric stands are receiving growing popularity due to its simple cut and vibrant printed. Straight fabric stand, resembling the roll up banner in outlook, is a great alternative to the commonly used roll up banner.

■ Durable Fabrics Make You Enjoy Long-lasting Use

The fabric used for making the fabric stand is lightweight and can be folded, which makes it easier to pack and transport. At the same time, the fabric, unlike other materials, can be washable and use for quite a long time. When printing on the fabrics, there are two options for you: single-sided and double-sided graphics. You can choose the most suitable type to enhance your display further.

If you have a limited budget, you may like the one sided printed graphic. However, if you want to expose your messages to a larger extent, the double printed fabric stand is best for you.

■ Choose One that is Suitable for Your Event

Another prominent feature of our straight fabric stand is that it boasts two different types of bases, which enables you to display at both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor straight fabric stand has a stronger and more sturdy base, which makes it stand still even in the windy days. While the standard straight fabric stand has a lightweight frame, which makes it convenient to carry around. Need a straight fabric stand for the coming trade show? Contact us and tell us your specifications and we are here to customize the most suitable one for you.

  • Straight Display Stand A

  • Straight Display Stand B

fabric display a
Item No.MaterialPrint Size(cm)Display Size(cm)Display Weight(kg)
E17U36A 210g elastic knitted
250g soft knitted
260g elastic knitted
61×230 61×228 5.7
E17U36B 91×230 91.5×228 7.6
E17U36C 122×230 122×228 9.6
E17U36D 155×230 152.4×228 11.8
fabric display b
Item No.MaterialPrint Size(cm)Display Size(cm)Display Weight(kg)
E17U36 210g elastic knitted
250g soft knitted
260g elastic knitted
98×238 91.5×228 15.3


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