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■ Brighten your next event with Barrel-like Round Table Cover

We got so many types for trade show table covers because of various demands and creative production, to better distinguish them, we group them into three types according to tightness. And the round table covers fit very well the size of your table, neither more nor less. Compared with our standard custom printed round table covers, the custom round table cover looks much cleaner and neatly done. More importantly, the round table covers is unique and special as it covers the whole table without even lets the legs of table out as our standard customized table covers do. To cater for different environments and requirements, no matter it’s a promotional show, a party or a business campaign, our tables with the exquisitely tailored round table covers can definitely dazzle your eyes!

■ High Quality Table Covers for a Successful Indoor or Outdoor Event

Do you have a round table? Want to display your logo or message on your table? We can make it work. While doing the works a table daily serves, our round table decorated with table cover also serves as a displaying tool which can help establish your brand and spread your message. This barrel-like round table cover is made by upgrade polyester, which boasts lots of special qualities, like wrinkle-free, flame-retardant, anti-fading, etc.. You can machine wash it and there is no need to iron. It now becomes more and more popular with our customers for its universal uses for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Do you feel headache in searching for an effective and useful tool for the your upcoming trade show? Then come to China-Flag-Makers, and you will get fantastic display tools and professional marketing suggestions. Contact us now and you will get more than you can expect.

  • Product & Templates

  • Material & Printing

  • Product Parameter

Available Material

  • 300D polyester
  • 160g twill polyester
  • Wrinkle-resistant 300D polyester
  • Wrinkle-resistant and flame-retardant 300D polyester
  • 250g soft knitted
  • Wrinkle-resistant, water proof, oil proof, stained-resistant 300D polyester
item material 300d 2
300D polyester
item material 160g 2
160g twill polyester
item material 250g 2
250g soft knitted
item material wr300d 2
Wrinkle-resistant 300D polyester
item material wrfr300d 2
Wrinkle-resistant and flame-retardant 300D polyester
item material wrwpopsr300d 2
Wrinkle-resistant, water proof,
oil proof, stained-resistant
300D polyester

Printing Method

Digital printing and dye sublimation are commonly used for making table covers.

If you have a requirement for other printing methods, please contact us.
printing digital
Digital Printing
printing dys sublimation
Dye Sublimation
Table SizePleated Table Cover SizeMaterialPrinting Method
Φ:81cm H:74cm 81cmx81cm + 74cmx265cm 300D Polyester


160g twill Polyester

Wrinkle-resistant 300D Polyester

Wrinkle-resistant and
flame-retardant 300D polyester

240g Soft Knitted

Wrinkle-resistant, water proof,
oil proof, stained-resistant 300D Polyester



Direct printing

Dye sublimation Printing


Φ:81cm H:110cm 81cmx81cm + 110cmx265cm
Φ:60cm H:74cm 60cmx60cm + 74cmx197cm Dye sublimation Printing
Φ:95cm H:73cm 95cmx95cm + 73cmx308cm


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