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Our blogs are mainly for people who are interested in display advertising, textile printing, and flag making. Here in our blog, you can get the knowledge of how to advertise with trade show table covers, display flags, canopy tents, etc., you can find the information about how to set up an advertising flag or tent, and also you can have a better understanding of different fabrics and printing techniques. If you have any questions or comments, you can just leave a message on our blog and useful solutions will be given to you within 24H.

Little Secret You Need to Know for Display Products

Have you ever encountered such a situation: You have the display hardware (e.g. canopy tents or feather flags or table covers ) but you need a replacement with totally new graphic design. Then your search online and find a supplier for the replacement. You place the order,... [ Learn More ]

Smiling Curve: Brand, Manufacturing and Core Technology

Smiling Curve: Brand, Manufacturing and Core Technology --All manufacturing return to the US? Recently someone left a comment on our Facebook page and said, “Come on, man, buy American!” From time to time, we could hear such comments. About this, here I would like to share with... [ Learn More ]

Latest News for July

Traditionally, companies in advertising textile printing industry just focus on a certain part of the industry chain and randomly and loosely outsource their orders to OEMs, that is, there is no coupling between the companies and their OEMs. The supply chain is one of the top... [ Learn More ]

New Position of China-Flag-Makers

China-Flag-Makers---- A Leading Internet-Based Service Provider for Overnight Ad Textile Printing When companies cooperate with one another, it should be a bilateral or multilateral cooperation, not a zero-sum game. China-Flag-Makers takes the efficient supply chain as the core... [ Learn More ]

One Thing You Should Know to Improve Your Strategic Plan

Every month, there are some customers, whose main business are signs and banners, textile printing and display adverting in the targeted market, coming to China. Among all these customers, some of them integrate the manufacturing and marketing, some run their business online,... [ Learn More ]

How to Deal With the Shipping Price Surge?

Are you still concerned and bothered with the following questions: Are you worried about your cash flow while you decide to make an inventory? Are you struggling to make the high profit while the shipping cost is too high? Are you hoping to enjoy more services while saving the... [ Learn More ]

What Makes a Company Succeed in the Competition

The prerequisite for persistence is to have a right strategic decision. Once a wrong decision is made, sticking to it is to magnify your mistake. I often ask myself, “ what is it that makes a company succeed in the competition?” Normally, there are two modes of business... [ Learn More ]

Credit Payment and Cash Flow

Every month, there will be some customers talking with us about the credit payment term, so what does credit payment term mean to a company? When it comes to the credit payment term, what it really matters to us is the cash flow management. Now before approving customers’... [ Learn More ]

USA Warehouse Service for Tent Hardware

In the se cond hal f of 2018 , Ch ina-Flag-Makers will set about establishing 3 USA warehouses, which locate in the east, west and middle of America respectively. On June 13th, 2018, 100 sets of tent hardware will be stored in our warehouses in the east and west of the USA. On... [ Learn More ]

A Service Provider with Complete Supply Chain Advantages

Before cooperating with core customers, China-Flag-Makers always spends a lot of time to know the customers through searching customers’ website, chatting with customers online, inviting customers for a visit, contacting with clients by emails and phone calls or organizing... [ Learn More ]

A Secret for a Company to Achieve Sustainable Development

Among all our cooperation partners, some choose to go to the Business School for further MBA study, some try to learn through reading various commercial books, listening different types of APPs, or attending private advisory board. Though their ways of studying are different,... [ Learn More ]

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