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Are you still concerned and bothered with the following questions:

Are you worried about your cash flow while you decide to make an inventory?

Are you struggling to make the high profit while the shipping cost is too high?

Are you hoping to enjoy more services while saving the logistic cost?

Are you thinking that the warehouse service network is not enough to meet your demand?

China-Flag-Makers, the first only for trade warehouse operator in the US, focuses on the tent hardware inventory in the US. All the stock products are just sold at container price. However, we can not only cut down your cost but also offer you professional service.

  1. Pick-up service: You can go to the nearest warehouse and pick up the hardware yourself, so as to further save your cost.
  2. Freight collect payment service: You can ship the hardware with their own shipping account and pay the shipping fee on delivery.
  3. Pay a visit to the warehouse: Seeing is believing and you can go to the warehouse and check our storage.
  4. Cross-region delivery: The hardware stocked in our USA warehouses can also be shipped to Canada.
  5. Personalized label identification service: You can enjoy personalized promotion label service if you buy more than 10 sets for one-time purchase.

China-FLAG-Makers——A leading Internet-based service provider for overnight ad textile printing.


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