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■ Custom Table Runners: A Powerful Display Tool at Any Trade Show

It is necessary to find a powerful display tool to help you promote and boost your products, brands and logos when you decide to attend a trade show or exhibition. China-Flag-Makers are committed to customize the table runners that are exactly suit your very needs. The custom table runners offered by China-Flag-Makers can make a deep and strong impression on people who are “on the go”. Printed your logos and slogans on a table runner, your messages will reach people within minutes.

■ Advanced Printing Techniques and Durable Fabrics

When printing the table runners, different printing techniques are used for different materials and requirements. Digital and dye sublimation printing are two common methods that are adopted to ensure the vivid and vibrant color. Our table runner is usually made of polyester, they are soft in texture and superior in quality, which gives you excellent touch feelings and enables you to have a long-lasting use.

■ Promote Your Product and Deliver Your Message in an Effective Way

No matter it’s your brand logo, your product pictures, or slogans, we can help show them on our table runners. In order to increase the exposure of your logos, pictures and slogans, we often print your messages on a table runner that has a different color with a different background table cover. Put your table runner on a table cover with a different color, and the strong color contrast will immediately make your logos and slogans outstanding. The eye-catching table runners can always become the focus whenever your put it on your display table.

  • Product & Templates

  • Material & Printing

  • Product Parameter

Available Material for Blank Table Throw

  • Wrinkle-resistant 300D polyester

Available Materials for Table Runner

  • 300D polyester
  • 160g twill polyester
  • Wrinkle-resistant 300D polyester
  • Wrinkle-resistant and flame-retardant 300D polyester
  • 250g soft knitted
  • Wrinkle-resistant, water proof, oil proof, stained-resistant 300D polyester
item material 300d 2
300D polyester
item material 160g 2
160g twill polyester
item material 250g 2
250g soft knitted
item material wr300d 2
Wrinkle-resistant 300D polyester
item material wrfr300d 2
Wrinkle-resistant and flame-retardant 300D polyester
item material wrwpopsr300d 2
Wrinkle-resistant, water proof,
oil proof, stained-resistant
300D polyester

Printing Method

Digital printing and dye sublimation are commonly used for making table covers.

If you have a requirement for other printing methods, please contact us.
printing digital
Digital Printing
printing dys sublimation
Dye Sublimation
Table SizeTable Runner SizeMaterialPrinting Method
6ft=183*76*74 30″x88″ 88″x130″
  • 300D Polyester
  • Digital printing
  • Dye sublimation
  • 160g Twill Polyester
  • Wrinkle-resistant 300D polyester
  • Dye sublimation
8ft=242*76*74 30″x88″ 88″x154″
  • Wrinkle-resistant and flame-retardant 300D polyester
  • 240g Soft Knitted
  • Wrinkle-resistant, water proof, oil proof, stained-resistant 300D polyester


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